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Beta 5.0 Discussion

posted Feb 28, 2014 18:04:32 by ChrisBirch
Please post comments based on the 5.0 playtest document here thanks!
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BennB said Mar 09, 2014 15:35:35
@ Fawa we did experiment in the alpha stage with Xd20 dicepools however it became apparent that variable pools led to massive discrepancies between individual player experience. By establishing a set multiple dice baseline and then allowing for asset driven acquisition of additional dice it ensured that players were still playing in the same sort of probability space. This isnt to say that you shouldnt try your house rule but to make you aware that it will impact the ability of players to succeed at D3 events.

@fritz66ed similar things can be said for your adjustment and you would certainly have a grittier game for it. As a GM its entirely your call whether you want to hit a player with a higher difficulty on any test. Bear in mind that the effectivelness of a chronicle point is directly tied to skill focus so unskilled characters are already losing out.
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Azathoth said Mar 09, 2014 19:15:28
I kind of like it the way it is. I think the skill ranks being prerequisites for obtaining related special abilities are where the differences between skilled and non-skilled will become more obvious in play. I like the fact that characters can try things unskilled.

Even someone without any training can try to jump a gap, climb a tree, sneak past a night watchman, negotiate a deal, and stab someone. It's the skilled people that will be doing jumps without running starts, climbing without gear, shadowing targets without being noticed, seducing supermodels, and parrying attacks.
Chris Edwards said Mar 09, 2014 22:23:47
How do I get my hands on the full playtest document ?
All I am working on is the Public Playtest released through DriveThruRPG.
I do like what I have read so far, especially the excellent evocative adventure, but want more :)
ChrisBirch said Mar 09, 2014 23:10:53
Hi Fritz sign up here and you'll get sent it:
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Chris Edwards said Mar 09, 2014 23:24:58
I did that a few days ago ;-)
Now have done it again :)
I used my Kickstarter email (PDF Subscription level)
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Ssatkan said Mar 10, 2014 13:54:32
@fritz66ed: As I've already posted somewhere else, an unskilled Attr 12 gets as many successes on average as a highly skilled (E 3, F 3) with Attr 6, so the Attributes and Skills weigh each other out. And we're not talking about talents. Yes, you have to roll lower as the second character, but then again you have the chance to score more than 2 successes. So I wouldn't call the Attributes the major factor. Yes, it seems so at first, but they're pretty much even.
I think that's very elegant to not just have Skills and Attributes add up but affect the roll in a different manner (via Focus). In my opinion, don't change it!
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Azathoth said Mar 11, 2014 01:49:42
Ssatkan has a good point. Expertly skilled vs. non-skilled is a 4-point range (0 through +3). Attributes don't go from zero, so the difference between someone who is clumsy and someone who is graceful is a 6-point range (6 through 12).

So basically, attributes are not valued much higher than skills at all. If this doesn't seem to make sense yet, it may help to think of your attributes as a range from 0 to 6 instead and just everyone has a base +6 to their target number.

Also, Focus roughly offsets the 2-point difference in range (it may actually be MORE valuable, depending on what you are trying to do). The more I think about it, the more this feels right so far.

The trick will be when creatures are released. Will a Razide's high Strength allow it to auto-pass every Strength-based test? Will that break the system? That would be my only concern at this point.
Nathan.Dowdell said Mar 11, 2014 20:58:13
Purely speculatively, the trick with high strength (or any high-attribute) creatures would be not just a high rate of success, but a high quantity of successes - a Razide should be able to reliably attempt feats of strength that humans would find incredibly difficult, and would achieve human-level feats with terrifying swiftness and efficiency. Thus, extra d20s on strength tests (on top of a high attribute value), a large focus range, and similar methods would serve well to represent such overpowering capabilities.
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BennB said Mar 12, 2014 00:59:08
A Razide (in 2nd ed statistics) had the strength of 4.5 average people. This alone suggests that its for the best characters avoid getting into an arm wrestling competition with one. Everything suggested by dowdell is well within the scope of talents as currently outlined but the beauty of running MC3.0 as a cinematic game is that if the GM has a need for the Razide to fling a car at someone, it can be added to the script as a D1-2 acrobatics test. Hell when I'm running MC for my crew I keep aside a symmetry dice or 2 for just that purpose. Its not always a car but I find a hyperbolic expression of malice a great way to let people know when they've scored a real hit and a way to stop combats getting stale.
Everything is an opinion. Everything a lie.
Even 1+1 has the temerity to suggest that two things are the same when they are not.
Ssatkan said Mar 13, 2014 08:49:07
Well, I think there are plenty of ways to reflect superhuman Attributes, although simply having a score of 20+ would do little good. They could just get a success (or several) for free and then roll for more. That would be sensible, because some tasks a human rolls for (like pushing a broken down car out of the way) just are no challenge to a creature with superhuman strength. This creature would roll to throw it, let's say a D7 task that humans have no chance of succeeding at, even with a bonus die.
This way there would be things a superhuman creature would just wing instead of having a chance to fail, as with rolling more dice.
On the other hand, there are the Dark Symmetry Points. Maybe some creatures aren't as strong per se, but need a surge of Dark Symmetry to get those mutant muscles working abnormally hard.
Doc-T said Mar 18, 2014 21:32:01
Page 23:

NPCs generally only act during their turn in a combat round, and are thus usually limited to Free, Chained, and Standard Actions.

What? Really? Page 16 states:

Response Actions do not occur during a character’s turn, but are special actions triggered by some event, such as an enemy attacking.

The latter does not preclude a Response Action for NPCs, IMHO, as the attack by the PC is certainly "some event" that should trigger a Response Action. I find it not intuitive, to the say the least, if NPCs are prevented from, e.g., dodging without spending DS points.

Please clarify.
Doc-T said Mar 18, 2014 21:55:45
Page 27:

The first thing you learn in the Nines is to keep your head down and look out for yourself, because if things go wrong, no one will help you.

Considering that the right-hand bar uses "you" to talk to the players as members of Lunar PD, this sentence strikes confusion into my head, as now the players are from the Nines? The rest of the left and center column does avoid using "you", only this one sentence pops out.

seconded investigators

Sorry, not my legal system. What does this mean? Can you put this in terms better understandable for a global audience?
Doc-T said Mar 18, 2014 22:01:49
Page 28:

There are four apartments on each floor.

Actually, according to the map on page 37, there are six apartments on each floor. But granted, two are demolished. Perhaps the sentence should be rewritten to

"There are four remaining apartments on each floor." or "There are four undamaged apartments on each floor."

You will want five to ten symmetry if possible

=> "You will want five to ten
DSPs if possible"

Doc-T said Mar 18, 2014 22:08:18
Page 29:

When using the equipment a character gains the Impaired status

This is not in sync with page 23 saying "For each stage of Corruption, all skill tests with that item have their critical failure range increased (i.e., from 20 to 19-20)."

Doc-T said Mar 18, 2014 22:14:00
any fire brigade support the players call for [...] get stuck on the other side of the man-made chasm as no one bothered to update the street maps.

This sounds weird. Don't the firefighters have eyes and a brain to quickly find a way? If the map is a serious issue, how did the characters get to the tenant in the first place? If that was such a hurdle, then why don't they tell the solution to the fire brigade?


Seriously? This is German and means "porch roof". How are the players supposed to take their superior seriously with such a name?

In the same vain, "von Hölle" means "from hell", which sounds like quite a giveaway, but I guess it's too late to change that now.

N.B. Anyone remembers the demon called "Zahnarzt" in Wahrammer's Evil Within campaign? "Dentist"! Really?!?
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