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Painting thread

posted Feb 26, 2014 19:33:07 by Paul Smith
I hope this is ok here. I'd not seen a painting thread on here for the Kickstarter models so.
Here are the ones I've completed so far

So where are you all with yours?
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arcanelore1974 said Jun 21, 2014 14:59:40
Great painting! After months of blood, sweat and squinting, I have finally finished assembly the cast of the Acthung campaign I am running later this summer. It is a mixture of Achtung minis and other pulp figures and showcases the gorgeous AC floor tiles to good effect :)

ChrisBirch said Jun 23, 2014 14:43:29
Great stuff guys keep the posts coming!
David Ross said Jun 24, 2014 01:57:01
Paul Smith said Jul 08, 2014 23:50:07
Fantastic selection of stuff there!

Here are a few more bits that I painted a while back and forgot to post...

And a few shots of a game of Strange Aeons played on the A!C boards (battle report here).

The game was supposed to feature some random appearances by these guys

but they were so random they never showed up :/

Clockwork_Mazz said Jul 30, 2014 08:25:42
morning folks, figured i would reach out to the lovely Achtung Cthulhu community, we got a full set of the miniatures (as far as i have been told). and we are slowly working through them all and a large batch of studio miniatures Nazi Zombies to go with them (and a warlord games bolt action German force).
So here are a few bits, I shall post more as I get them done :)

check out more progress on facebook (clockwork Wargaming)
Miniature painting services
Check us on face book - Clockwork Wargaming
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