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Achtung! Cthulhu Miniatures

posted Dec 20, 2013 16:33:00 by ChrisBirch
Have you got comments on the designs so far, ideas for new miniatures you'd like to see?
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brian said Dec 26, 2013 08:48:43
What scale are the minis going to be in? Are the minis resin, metal, plastic? When are we going to be able to purchase the minis? Sorry if you have already answered these elsewhere but I'm new to your Weird War endeavor so let me in on the skinny if you can.

Keep it weird,
ChrisBirch said Dec 26, 2013 09:00:04
@Brian they are 28mm scale to match other popular World War Two miniatures and vehicles. The figures themselves are metal pewter whilst large creatures and vehicles will be resin. You will be able to purchase the first packs as funded by kickstarter from our web store middle of jan and then the spartan range will be launched in may which will offer the same and more figures
Paul Smith said Jan 23, 2014 10:57:02
Hi Chris

Is there any particular reason the models are not all the same scale? It's a bit disconcerting to have one deep one almost twice as tall as the others and the supposed German super soldier being the same height as most of the investigators, with the exception of poor old Badger and the cultists who are tiny.
Paul Smith said Jan 23, 2014 18:09:56
Thanks for the clarification on the Deep ones and sizing. It makes sense to have different sized Deep Ones, but isn't clear from the images you have of the sets as all three are just labelled Deep One Commandos.

I think the heroes and creatures were mostly ok size wise, but felt that all the Germans could have done with being a little taller and bulkier as some of the weapons/tentacles were bent or broken when they arrived; thankfully I was building plastic Germans at the time, so have fixed the broken ones with plastic weapons or pins for delicate barrels. I still can't work out how to glue the wings onto Arianne without them snapping off seconds later... those things are bordering on Infinity fiddly ;)

Having said that, they are the crispest sculpts and cleanest casts I've seen and I can't wait to see what else you come out with. I will definitely be picking up future releases as well as the packs I didn't get through the KS
Paul Smith said Jan 24, 2014 08:32:25
Oh. Speaking of. Are there any clear pictures regarding the Der Draugr in set 2C please? I can't for the life of me get it to fit neatly as I seem to have three of the same leg and I'm not sure If I'm supposed to or not
ChrisBirch said Feb 17, 2014 23:30:01
Paul we'll try to post something soon for you, it's right they do have 3 of one leg, 2 of another i believe and a 3rd single limb
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MarcusAbrahams said Feb 22, 2014 08:58:51
You say theses cthulu minis are avaialble to buy in Jan but cant see them on your site??
ChrisBirch said Feb 22, 2014 12:01:48
Hi Marcus sorry we're launching them at the end of Feb now, all set to go we just need to sort out some graphics for the webstore.
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Paul Smith said Feb 26, 2014 19:28:18
If that's the case then I do have all the right parts :)
MichaelNielsen said Mar 14, 2014 23:29:39
I am a 'post Mutant Chronicles Kickstarter' backer, I have pledged the $32 for add ons to be able to get Achtung! Cthulhu miniatures. I just wait for them to email me an invite to the pledge manager, right?
Minis aren't otherwise available to order yet if I understand correctly?
ChrisBirch said Mar 15, 2014 11:29:07
@Michael - yes you'll get an invite to the Pledge manager shortly and can tell us what you pledged for. We've not made them available to order yet but will do soon, but at normal retail prices not the same deal as the Kickstarter.
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JimBlanas said Aug 01, 2014 21:51:20
Have a question: Is Modiphius making the minis themselves or are they through another company like RAFM or Citadel? Would like to have that bit of info before hassling my local game shop into carrying them for me.
ChrisBirch said Aug 01, 2014 22:59:09
Hi Jim the minis are designed by sculptors for us and we use one of if not the best moulders in the uk Griffin to produce them they are then packed by modiphius at our office and distributed through our network. You could ask your store to order them from north star in the uk or Esdevium or warpath or miniatures market in the us, ulissese spiel in Germany and more to come.

The new range coming out from November will be less fiddly and you'll be seeing the first of the bigger creatures too
JimBlanas said Aug 02, 2014 03:20:38
Thanks. Spoke to the local game shop and they're ordering them for me.
ianshort01 said Sep 04, 2014 19:21:25
Really liking the look of these miniatures.
Especially the deep ones, they are the first minis that look how I imagined the deep ones.

I don't know anything about the achtung cthulhu setting (yet) but I'm planning on buying some to enhance my other cthulhu board games. I'll then start playing the achtung cthulhu skirmish game when it's out.

Are you planning on doing some other classic mythos creatures?

If I start buying now will impact me (negatively) when the skirmish game is released?
Will they be missing tokens/cards/etc. That would come if bought as part of the game?
Will I have to buy figures again, if they are part of faction sets in the game, or would I still be able to collect a complete set without rebuying the same figures?
Would it be cheaper to wait, assuming faction sets will be cheaper than buying the individual packs?
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