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posted Nov 25, 2013 20:37:14 by ChrisBirch
What would you like to hear on the podcast? Suggest guests, rpg discussion topics, games you'd like to see discussed or reivewed, and Modiphius products you'd like to hear more about.
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Vladimir said Oct 14, 2015 14:54:29
Liked the video format. Chris, you really need a better camera, though.

Will be waiting for the next one. As for content, I like when people in the industry talk about their roleplaying parties, interesting anecdotes about their sessions and so on. Would like to hear that.

Another thing you could do is show off physical books. I do not know if it's interesting to someone else, but I think if would be a beneficial thing to show people the production values.
ZarinaModiphius said Nov 05, 2015 15:52:55
Thanks Vladamir, about roleplaying sessions - noted! Have you seen our latest episode? I co-host with Josh, and we have a lot of good things planned.
Vladimir said Nov 06, 2015 16:09:35
Yes, I did. It was interesting. But for an episode titled "Dust Adventures RPG Preview" it did not have a lot of info about the game.

Still, keep them podcasts coming.
NickRiggs said May 30, 2016 18:12:08
Is it possible to do transcripts?
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