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Why is it so quiet in here?

posted Sep 08, 2013 23:52:39 by thaddeus.g.moore
Looks like there was a flurry of posting activity earlier in the year when new play testing info was being posted. I didn't learn about the new edition till GenCon 2013. Very excited aboutthe coming Kickstarter campaign!
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AmazingOnionMan said Sep 21, 2013 13:53:55
I can't speak for anyone else, but I check these forums regularly.
The reason I don't post much is because I don't feel I'll contribute much in a meaningful way right now. When I do, rest assured that I will let everybody know:-)
When Modphius releases the next playtest, I imagine activity will flare up a bit.

But you are right, things are a bit quiet in here. Too quiet. Hopefully it's the quiet before the storm.
I'm not always right!
ChrisBirch said Oct 14, 2013 11:36:14
Most of the discussion is happening in the Playtest forum - go up one level to Modiphius then click on the Mutant Chronicles Playtest forum!
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GrantFleming said Feb 01, 2014 20:29:53
Agreed - I haven't had much to say yet as I'm just getting up to speed with the rules and the adventure. As I get to know it and have the chance to test and really get a feel, I'll start to offer input and discussion.

I am excited about the game and very pleased to see how well the kickstarter is going. Congrats!
ChrisBirch said Feb 04, 2014 01:11:35
New Beta version coming soon guys!
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