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posted Aug 12, 2013 10:57:20 by ChrisBirch
Post your thoughts on the new DUST Adventures RPG, ideas, hopes, products you'd like to see, campaigns etc!
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BrikkaBrakka said Mar 19, 2014 13:55:37
Hi all!

Just found out about Dust Adventures and signed up for the playtest. Would love to give it a go. The more excuses to pull the minis out the better!
ChrisBirch said Mar 24, 2014 22:24:49
Hi guys the invite to the survey is just going out! Check your inbox :-)
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Sean Schoonmaker said Jun 11, 2014 15:59:34
Just signed up for the playtest as well - would love to support the success of the game.
ChrisBirch said Jun 23, 2014 14:47:37
How are you guys getting on with the latest playtest?
mswiers said Jun 23, 2014 16:20:41
We're going to finish up the adventure this Thursday so I'll have a more detailed post after that but so far so good.
The players really like how easy it was to make a character. The system is nice and flexible and not so light that it's boring. We haven't been bogged down by it's complexity either.
We all think that characters should start with access to special abilities (not just sniper/spotter) and that these abilities should be separated from the skill that gives them to you. It would be much easier to have a special ability list with associated XP cost based on the general power of the ability (determined by more testing of course). I'll try to post more before Thursday, but have to go do that work thing....
ChristopherBarnhart said Jul 03, 2014 22:37:09
Some background and experience packages will start with different special abilities. Special abilities will be special and not available to everyone at all times. The purpose of the special ability skill is to permit characters to gain special abilities and powers as the game goes on but to also keep them in check. Characters in the Dust Universe usually don't have that many super or special abilities beyond the more mundane abilities we created for special abilities and then they tend to only have a few.

More expansive characters on the power level of Winter Child, Sergeant Victory, Markus and Totenmeister will be feasible options in later rules, but the base rules aim to make player characters somewhere between the stock troops of the Dust game and the heroes from the miniatures game. Your character will be better than Hank with a shotgun, but not initially as good as Bazooka Joe.

The design of special abilities is so that you can get one, maybe two and be good at them, but the more you have the harder it is to be good at them.
sebastian czentner said May 07, 2015 03:54:49
The core book would be for allies pc´s or would be another factions pc´s
Elizabeth Lestrad said Apr 13, 2017 17:34:50
I'm kind of hoping that if this ever gets worked on more, that we'll get that second edition printing at the very least to address all the errata and the Chapter 10 misprint, as well as putting in npc stats for more of the main characters that were missing from the core book (providing a "monster manual" is not secretly in the works). I was also a little disappointed by the lack in character options for Axis characters.
SteveHanson said Apr 13, 2017 19:35:13
We won't be able to do a second printing until the first is all sold. The errata/FAQ is being worked on and will appear in an upcoming issue of Modiphia magazine, our new, free PDF magazine. Other articles for Dust Adventures are planned for future issues. If you would like to contribute some articles the info for doing so is under the Modiphia Magazine heading. If you have ideas for articles you'd like to see, let us know right here. We're looking forward to hearing from you.
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