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posted Aug 12, 2013 10:57:20 by ChrisBirch
Post your thoughts on the new DUST Adventures RPG, ideas, hopes, products you'd like to see, campaigns etc!
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ChrisBirch said Aug 12, 2013 15:59:26
The plan is to include missions for 'Tactics & 'Warfare alongside that relate to the adventures which could also be affected by the results of the adventures. Regardless of the system there will be simple conversion rules to let you port characters either way to continue the missions or adventures. The aim is to keep it easily compatible with 'Tactics as a base.
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Floris said Aug 12, 2013 16:06:33
Looking forward to following the progress of this.
This is going to be a long wait :-) # Worldwide Organised Play for Dust # The magazine for all things Dust Tactics & Warfare
JayAdan said Aug 12, 2013 16:38:20
"...Mopdiphius recently launched the Achtung! Cthulhu..."

Misspelling your own company name on a press release is probably not getting out the right message.

Floris said Aug 12, 2013 16:57:22
Done on purpose to see who actually reads a press release all the way to the end.

Clearly just you :-)

Shame on the rest of us. # Worldwide Organised Play for Dust # The magazine for all things Dust Tactics & Warfare
JayAdan said Aug 12, 2013 17:03:38
I'm a former PR guy. I used to proof them for a living.
ChrisBirch said Aug 12, 2013 17:14:27
Ha! Thanks for spotting it, actually the press release is correct but I changed the word Modiphius on the Dust Adventures from capitals to lower case and missed that!
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PaulSmith said Aug 13, 2013 07:06:16
That's a surprising announcement, thank you. Certainly something I will be watching with great interest.

Will there be conversion guides to take A!C characters over into the Dust RPG system (or the other way)? It would be a shame to have started to have crossover adventures using the A!C books, but be unable to use any new Dust material.

On a different note, recently Paolo announced that DT and DW unit stats will ship together in the future, rather than DW players having to wait for a separate book for their stats. Are there any plans to extend this out to including RPG stat cards in with the miniature releases? It'd be a great way to tempt people over :)
Floris said Aug 13, 2013 08:43:49
I'm hoping that the named heroes from the world of Dust are only going to feature as non-player characters. Sitting down with one player as Joe, one as Rosie and one as Action Jackson isn't going to be much fun if they just shoot and punch their way out of everything without ever feeling in danger.

For character creation I really like to see a step system where you have the option to start at later steps. So for example you can start at the beginning and create the character from a blank page or at the other end you can use standard (average) stats and only have to choose your starting skill(s) to finish the character. And then a few steps in between.

Dust Studio has always been great with free PDF downloads and it will be great if this game provides something like that in the form of downloadable character sheets and reference sheets.

I'm happy the game will use the Dust dice. When using dice a popular mechanic is to allow re-rolls and use the second result. This works fine but I like to see the "roll two and choose the best results" mechanic every now and then to show skills that are easier to use or characters that are better at a certain skill. # Worldwide Organised Play for Dust # The magazine for all things Dust Tactics & Warfare
ChristopherBarnhart said Aug 13, 2013 09:45:16
You will be able to make your own characters, Joe and the rest will not be the mandatory characters.

We are working for several varieties of character generation. I think you will be pleased.

I cannot speak for the PDF or simultaneous releases or A/C material. Not my area.
Floris said Aug 13, 2013 10:52:11
Adventures is set in the Dust Universe. Will we be able to re-visit events that have been covered in the Dust Tactics game (the missions in Antartica, the siege of Zverograd, etc.) and will there be plot elements that allow players to create their own continuation of the Dust storyline (the England invasion after Operation: Cerberus for example)?

Has it been decided what story the core book for Adventures will have? The miniature games will have moved into Operation Babylon and beyond by the time of release. Is the core story of Adventures set alongside the miniature games or are you going back for the initial release. I can understand that for people who do not know the miniature games it will be good if the RPG book(s) start in January 1947 like Tactics did.
[Last edited Aug 13, 2013 11:05:21] # Worldwide Organised Play for Dust # The magazine for all things Dust Tactics & Warfare
KeithCompton said Aug 13, 2013 16:12:55
Sounds sweet, went ahead and put into be a play tester. Am Sirdrasco n Dust-warfare forums.
KeithCompton said Aug 13, 2013 17:25:43
Will the characters created, be able to be played as heroes in the board and warfare game.

That would be an awesome thing for casual play, really influence the game in your local area.
Floris said Aug 13, 2013 18:42:04
I'm hoping that the characters from the upcoming novels will find their way into Dust Adventures as characters you can choose if you don't want to create your own. # Worldwide Organised Play for Dust # The magazine for all things Dust Tactics & Warfare
ChristopherBarnhart said Aug 13, 2013 21:02:04
Keithcompton: We are looking at ways to make the PCs easily converted/used as heroes/elite squads.
Floris: This sounds likely or at least possible. But I am not sure who will be in the novels LOL.

I am also not involved (at this point) with what the fluff/timeline will be in the setting for Dust Adventures. But it doesnt sound impossible.

Best to let Chris Birch handle those questions at this point.
ChrisBirch said Aug 25, 2013 11:49:29
Hi all sorry for the late replies - Gen Con & JetLag to blame!

@Paul - not sure they'd include rpg stats in the minis games as it adds to their costs, as much as we likely won't include minis stat cards in the rpg (but will provide rpg stats for tactic's minis). As you can buy the appropriate stats cards with the minis game or the rpg game it would be duplicating effort :-) However the minis games will include some kind of promotion for the RPG I believe.

@Floris - well even those major heroes will find it tough going against some of the big adversaries so you could play them, but that would be like starting D&D at 20th level. When you scale up in Dust Adventures you'll have very tough opponents and challenges to deal with, it would be like playing Han, Leia and Luke in Star Wars - they're not superheroes though. We will have a simple character generation - pre-gens, start from scratch or jump in. Yes we'll be starting with the beginning of the story and advancing with campaign books covering each main storyline.

@Keith - Yes you'll be able to transfer your heroes to 'Tactics or 'Warfare :-)

@Floris - Chris Lites, the writer of the novels is on the design team so I suspect the characters will make it in to the game!

Hope that helps - thanks Christopher for jumping in!

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