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Mutant Chronicles 1st & 2nd Edition

posted Feb 08, 2013 17:19:06 by ChrisBirch
What were the best bits, the worst bits? Don't be shy! This is a fresh start
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ArvidFrykman said Feb 10, 2013 09:57:52
Best bits: World-building, lore and setting. A vibrant, well described world, full of interesting things and concepts. Cool aesthetics (though the shoulderpads could use some toning down). The fantastically gritty and evocative artwork.

Worst bits: Combat in general. Combat mechanics were a bit clunky compared to other systems I've used. The late supplements were grossly overpowered compared to the earlier ones. I mean, the Brotherhood were supposed to be uber-badass and have the best everything, I get that, but when standard infantry armor can shrug of everything smaller than an autocannon round, it just stops being fun.
CasparKielwein said Feb 10, 2013 11:22:57
Aweseome stuff:

The lifepath character generation. I like how the characters are quite colourful without having to think about storylines myself.
The connection between the short stories in the books and the adventures. This gives a really good introduction into the look and feel of the world of mutant chronicles.
AegisPrime said Feb 10, 2013 12:11:14
One of my favourite parts was character creation. Like CasparKielwein, I agree it does give a really good introduction to the world and also generated half your backstory for you. It also often led to your character developing in a completely different direction than you expected....and this wasn't always a bad thing!

I also like the way that movement and ranges could be represented as distances or as 'Squares', that really helped to simplify the bigger battles, that always seemed to run up...

I really enjoyed the 'venusian Apocalypse' trio of scenarios. There was a building tension and a sense of urgency all the way through, and some of the battles were really on a knife-edge whether the players would survive or not. I always hoped that there would be more like that....
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Angelic_Voice said Feb 10, 2013 20:35:47
The worst part of MC was background on various things regarding the setting were lacking so bad.

1st, How do they get lighting down in the caverns on Mercury? Big mirrors or crystals or are there no lighting from above?

2nd, Luna City.... is it in layers down in the crust - like in books, or is it like in 2nd edition just on the surface? and is the dark side of the moon a massive ice area being mined for water? A little more explaining on the Luna City, Perimeters and such would be in order as it's such an important location.

3rd, Do Imperial have Ganymede or not? if so - what is it to them?

4rd Mishima needs muuuch more information on the Demon Hunters - most overlooked and important part of Mishima, imo.
Angelic_Voice said Feb 10, 2013 20:37:58
@Arvid - try to let bursts and full autos hit the same location. deal damage 2 or 3 times to same location. Stops the walking through grenades too ;)
Angelic_Voice said Feb 10, 2013 20:38:54
edit: and only applly AV once!
ArvidFrykman said Feb 11, 2013 01:23:26
@Thomas - Okay, that's fair enough. It still doesn't adress my major concern, though, namely how the power levels crept up with each new supplement, making older supplements feel less and less attractive and valid. Personally, I have no problem whatsoever with disregarding the "numbers" when I like the feel of something, but several of my players have not been similarly inclined.
Angelic_Voice said Feb 11, 2013 18:57:16

I agree that the power levels crept up from the Freelancer feel of the original corebook. Imperial and Bauhaus book created characters were way ahead of Capitolian and Mishiman characters in creation - then came Mishiman KI powers, heh. I think the toughest problem was to include more characters of opposite coorporations in the same group, and often they would drown out the Freelancers because their stats would be so much higher and in skill picks too. (like Bauhaus military getting bonus skillpicks per background repetition for instance). Cybertronic had their own way to make characters that were somewhat flawed compared to the rest as well. So I do agree that a more basic starting point "numbers" and skill-wise would be best for all characters.
Anotsu said Feb 25, 2013 22:11:34

1st edition
i will talk more about the game itself because it's the most complete edition

best bits:
-> battle/skill system easy to manage with d20, it do his job well
-> characters creation really good and better with the other books, even pnj are a real fun to create.
-> the background, all of it! many planets, citys, social classes.. you can do, see and play so much things!
-> Paul Bonner and other card illustration
-> Corporate/Dark Legion/brotherhood have really strong image/cultural reference, you find easily your favorite

the worst bits:
-> scenario are average/bad except perhaps venusian apocalypse
-> illustration in black and white were average and weapons looked really fast drawing.
-> rules about brotherhood power or heretic were complex if we compare to other mecanics
-> too much question about the background
-> about no NPC sheet as reference
-> dammage weapons/power of armor: yes 1d4+2 is better that 1d6 for katana by example, some armor are stronger than a tank.
-> good map of the world? where are the war? where are other corps on the same planet?
-> too much differences beetween corporate creation rules: imperial, brotherhood/heretics and bahaus are monsters.
-> cartel is not enough put ahead and it's the best way to regroup player
-> algeroth and ilian but where are the others?

2nd edition
talk about technical stuff

best bits:
-> really good basebook: some color pages a lot illustration/talk about many things even style of clothes :)
-> system of characters creation with pool of dices for basic stats by template characters and his speciality.

the worst bits:
-> mmmh? some other book? yeah it was easy :p Not enough about corporate specific weapons.
-> d20 don't give places to many improvement, so the system don't give places to specific and fun rules.
dices don't explode, it's all black or all white, etc..

By the way, we don't know about dark eden (maybe a scenario should be a good introducing).
Maybe background about "warzone" could be used to make shapes of military campaign.
Surprise us with your gameplay!
ChristopherBarnhart said Mar 02, 2013 14:45:52
1. Character Advancement, it abandoned one of the best aspects of the game, professions and skill picks from character generation. Incorporate professions when dealing with advancement (see WFRP).
2. Armor (armor roll was odd, AP level was off with damage and hit points)

Its a good game, just needs revamped.
ChristopherBarnhart said Mar 02, 2013 14:47:45
"d20 don't give places to many improvement, so the system don't give places to specific and fun rules.
dices don't explode, it's all black or all white, etc.. "

Nothing wrong with the core D20 mechanic, you dont need fancy smancy rules liek dice explosions (or god forbid feats/special action cards) to make the game colorful and fun. It has random hit locations, critical damage, special manuevers as it is, just clarify them some, add a few more and dont burden the game with new doo dads and whistles.
JohnRudd said Mar 20, 2013 19:54:28
Well, first, what do you mean by "first edition" and "second edition"?

The early 1990's edition was actually the FOURTH edition of the game (Mutant in 1984, Mutant in 1989, Mutant RYMD in 1992, and then The Mutant Chronicles in 1991). I don't recall if FFG had an RPG or just a mini's game for the setting... so, we're easily on the 4th, maybe 5th, edition of the RPG.

What I liked about the 1990's version was: the setting. Including the big shoulder pads. I liked just about everything about it, including Cybertronic ... though, I also understand removing them from the setting (completely removing them, not replacing with hydraulic cybermen, as I saw proposed at one point in the mid 1990's). Having their cyberpunk element to the setting just "didn't fit". I also liked the various board games, especially the dice system in Fury of the Clansmen.... and I liked that the Imperial supplement let you mix and match the combat systems. That made an interesting option for a light combat system to use with the RPG.

What I didn't like were inconsistencies, and what looked like canonical changes, throughout the publication run, and references to things that hadn't been there. What you had for a world was very different by the end of the RPG publication run, than what you had at the beginning. Whereas, Warzone seemed a little better put together in that regard (and, also made a nice and somewhat easier combat system than the main RPG combat system, but still not as light as Fury).

What I would really LOVE to see:
a) the RPG use the new Fate Core or Fate Accelerated Edition RPG rules -- they're brand new, they're very flexible, and very story focused.
b) a new version of Fury of the Clansmen, with expansions that include other board game material (one core board game mechanic that can be used for Blood Berets and Siege of the Citadel, for example).
c) pre-painted minis that can be used in any of the above.
d) I had an idea for adapting the old 1980's "Buck Rogers" board game to the Mutant Chronicles setting. The use of moving planets in a solar system, with some amount of high level planetary invasion play (each planet having multiple territories, on separate maps), etc. It all seemed quite useful for an easy, fast, MC based strategy board game. With or without the trans-Jupiter outer planets.

JohnRudd said Mar 20, 2013 19:57:50
If not Fate Core, of Fate Accelerated Edition, then maybe check out the "Warrior Rogue Mage" and "Resolute Adventurer Genius" (WRM/RAG) game system(s) by Stargazer games, that'd be a nice, light, and flexible base system.

Other good starting points:

Stars Without Number (sort of half way between the 0e/original-D&D/OSR type game mechanics, and the WRM/RAG mechanics)

Hulks and Horrors (a more direct 0e/OSR based space opera game)
JohnRudd said Mar 20, 2013 20:20:34
Let me start over...

how many poor suckers do I have to sacrifice ... or get to open their wallets ... to have this come out using an updated version of Starblazer Adventures, using Fate Accelerated Edition as the base mechanics, and Mutant Chronicles as the setting (but with as comprehensive a set of information as Starblazer Adventures)? :-)
ChristopherBarnhart said Mar 20, 2013 20:27:01
By 1st and 2nd edition i mean the ones that were called Mutant Chronicles, much as they are calling the new game Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition and have a thread called 1st and 2nd edition. It should retain its system from that era.

Updated and re-released versions of Fury of the Clansmen would be great (as well as Siege of the Citadel and Blood Berets) but Fury of the Clansmen may need a name change in the US. Fury of the Wolfclans would probably work better and not bring up images of the KKK :)

I once ran a extensive XXVc game where the end result was the characters discovering Nero and unleashing the Dark Legion, that was fun. In fact, RAM would make a nice addition to MC! LOL

If I recall correctly the first three MUTANT games were drastically different from MC. FFG just had a Minis game.

You can use the setting for whatever system you want. But I would prefer the kept their own system.
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