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Clock In For A New Shift!

posted Feb 08, 2013 17:18:02 by ChrisBirch
Part of the old guard? New employee? Say hello and tell us your Mutant Chronicles experiences
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Funs_Athal said Feb 08, 2013 22:47:52
I am player Mutant Chronicles, warzone and Doomtrooper since 1995.
I am a member of the community of Mutant Chronicles Spain.
Alakhai said Feb 09, 2013 02:03:56
Hi, I am an active Mutant Chronicles 2Ed master (minutes ago i have finished a session with my friends, we are playing a Mishima Campaign).

I am really excited about this because we havent stopped playing the game every Friday during the last 2 years. Four years ago we played during 4 months another heretics campaign, and years before we played the Venusian Apocalypse.
Vini, vidi, vici et fuit facilis. Alakhai
AndrzejSt├│j said Feb 09, 2013 09:02:32
Years ago, I played a lot in the first edition - hard militaristic campaign, aimed at fighting Dark Legion. The campaign wasn't the best - MG often killed the characters, the story was based on a series of battles, but despite that the system has become one of my favorites. Two years ago I started to MC on the Savage Worlds. The sessions were OK, but unfortunately SW didn't work with MC universe.

I have much more experience with Warzone, Doom Trooper and Dark Eden. :)
MarcinSupeł said Feb 09, 2013 09:21:49
I used to play Doom Trooper many years ago. Take a part in a battle in Mutant Chronicles Universe was something wonderful.
Now, I am playing using the internet with friends from Spain via forum
It's fantastic!
Come and see it....

And remember.... Have faith.....
Alakhai said Feb 09, 2013 14:03:28
I still have Doomtrooper cards too, Ilian and Algeroth based decks.

On Warzone the same Ilian and Algeroth.

I love this universe, is by far my favorite ambientation.
Vini, vidi, vici et fuit facilis. Alakhai
TjarlsMetzmaa said Feb 10, 2013 09:51:35
Part of a gaming club that have played many MC-campaigns. Whenever we start over, we always end up beeing heretics. So it would be fantastic to see other hereticbooks than Algeroth :)

Hailing from Sweden
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AegisPrime said Feb 10, 2013 11:53:42
Hi Guys, it's really great to see some fellow MC players on here! It's been a long time since I spoke to anyone about Mutant Chronicles, and since I discovered Warzone and Mutant Chronicles were returning, i've found people all over the net who are still playing both games!

Me and my friends have been playing Mutant Chronicles, Warzone and Doomtrooper since late 1995. The whole backstory of the Mutant Chronicles games got me when I first read it, it's dark and desperate; its the ideal place to set a roleplaying game!

I can't wait to see how this 3rd edition turns out, I love 1st edition MC, but if i'm being honest, my books are almost falling apart now and a set of replacements would be fantastic :o)
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DavidKruif said Feb 10, 2013 20:32:42
Ok im at full throttle atm for finding "living" stuff concerning MC

Well my name you know, im at 34 years old and i live in holland
My backstory of it all started back in 1995 aswell with the discovery of the card game doomtrooper.
As far as Mc related mechandise go i got many of it including the CCG doomtrooper, the comic, the Rpg (all books), the 3 novels, a selection of old warzone miniatures, the SNES game and a database of old related news from years ago. My first and only website is still online i think, havent visited it in years. Got some info on there about the MMO that was in the works and the game warzone for the x-box and playstation that was in the works, with the valpurgius engine.

So as you can tell im a big fan and just like everyone else here verry excited there is new "life" into somthing we love.
I like the ideas that are in the Mc rpg books but i think they were a bit too complex to work with, for instance in the 2nd edition it completly lacked the explanation of what AV did, that was just stupid.

So im verry interrested to see what you come up with as a system and compair it to my own i made.
Angelic_Voice said Feb 10, 2013 23:10:40
36 years old now, played Mutant Chronicles first time in 1995. Played almost every week for 5-6 years. Then we cooled down through educations to once a month or so. Now I'm playing it 2 times a week as a gamemaster in a club for teens. They're age 13-14, perfect for a nittygritty full army/brotherhood scenario... in short, the next generation of MC players are being briefed on this universe great potential :)
AmazingOnionMan said Feb 11, 2013 23:58:28
One thing worries me; Coral Beach has not yet broken radio silence.
Is the french chapter unaware of this massive offensive push, or are they deliberately keeping silent not to give their position away to legion artillery?
I'm not always right!
ChrisBirch said Feb 12, 2013 00:05:38
Someone fire a flare gun in their direction then!

Welcome guys, great to have more people signing up to the journey ahead!
Founder & Publisher
ChristopheDesse said Feb 15, 2013 18:43:02
played mutant chronicle / warzone extensively between mid 90 early 2000
really looking forward to a new release since i did leave all my book behind when i moved to the states

best of luck !!!
avatar said Feb 25, 2013 14:03:05
So i discovered the card doomtrooper and played a lot when i was 15.
After i discovered the rolepaying game and mastered so much games.
Two years ago i bought everything of the game and i mastered it most of the time.
With my players we really like this game.

I'm french and i can say that "coral beach" made a lot of work on MC universe and i am using most of his work.
You could find it (in french langage) here : "".

ChristopherBarnhart said Mar 02, 2013 16:23:37
Long tine MC fan and player and dabbler in WARZONE. Played hundreds of different RPGs in my life.
savage_thruster said Mar 22, 2013 15:01:36
Great to hear this is going ahead - big fan from waaay back ;)

Saw lots of images of Paul Bonners Venusian Ranger with Dethlokdrum throughout marvel comics I was buying at the time in the early 90's - Bought the 1st ed. RPG and stumbled across the Blood Berets mini-boardgame. My local was satellite store for the warehouse (Walrus and Carpenter) for the Australian importers of heartbreaker/target games and became very closely linked with promoting the game when it became available here... hope very much to see this back on the shelves - Really enjoyed the expanded universe background and whilst my on background is predominantly mini-wargaming being a 'completist' I have to own anything that has to do with it.

The minister for war and finance has given the green light - mainly to shut me up - I haven;t stopped discussing this since it popped up on the radar...

Looking forward to it.
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