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posted Oct 24, 2012 19:33:34 by ChrisBirch
Happy to answer questions about the system here!
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MurghBpurn said Feb 16, 2013 20:23:30
Have you released anything that we can read and thereby formulate questions? :)
ChrisBirch said Feb 16, 2013 22:25:55
We're working on a beta test document and will be recruiting playtesters soon, if you'd like to be involved please post in the playtesters thread (starting it now)
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PaulSmith said Apr 19, 2013 12:56:39
Couple of quick questions in preparation for a shopping spree at Salute ;)

- What is the normal size of a force for One War? The demo has forces that are about 20 models a side. Is this standard, or just to simplify the introduction?

- Are vehicles commonly used, or something used in special circumstances? And how large do the vehicles go? For example are you sticking to light vehicles, or allowing things to go all the way up to heavy tanks?

- I know you've mentioned using Dust models and BA models to test with, have you found base size matters for measurement and template effects?
ChrisBirch said Apr 19, 2013 13:44:25
HI Paul!

- We're providing enough units cards in the Starter Set for upwards of 2 platoons of infantry a side (typically a squad commander has 2 sections of 4-5 infantry), plus a support platoon of HMG's and or Mortars. There will be enough vehicles for a support platoon of 3 vehicles one of which can be a heavier vehicle. For example the Germans may have two Panzer IH H plus a Panther as the starter set's heavier tank, whilst the US are more likely to have 3-4 Sherman 75mm, plus a 76mm Firefly.

We are encouraging vehicles, after all it would be a shame to leave them on the sidelines, we're still playtesting mass use of vehicles but it seems to fly!

Base size doesn't seem to be an issue, we're really encouraging a wide use of different makes to make this a universal system as opposed to ITS ALL OURS! :-)
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kahunadave2001 said Jun 27, 2013 19:51:39
Will it just be Americans and Germans, or will other countries get some love too?
ChrisBirch said Jun 27, 2013 20:31:06
The starter rule set will cover US and German troops then we plan to expand it with Brits, Russians etc.
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ChristopherMainwaring said Aug 12, 2013 10:35:30
Just one or two questions about the Command Deck.

Is it one deck between the player or does each player have his own deck?
How many cards in the deck and how many of each one?

ChrisBirch said Aug 12, 2013 10:55:19
You should print out one of everything and that forms the deck - we've roughly balanced what's available for two players. Both players share the same deck.

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ChristopherMainwaring said Aug 15, 2013 10:45:35
Just a quick question about the UNIT cards.

The German Commander costs 150 points more than the US Commander, bur he has Hand -1??
The German Radio Man costs 15 points more than the US one,but the is no German Artillery section!
The German Captain costs 100 points than the US one, does the +1 Play cost 100 points?
US Infantry is 50 points more than the German version, does the Bazooka cost 50 points?
The Panzer Grenadiers are 80 points cheaper than the Army Rangers, but they have a Half Track worth 50 points.
The German MG costs 30 points more than the US one.

ChristopherMainwaring said Aug 15, 2013 12:34:16
A question on movement.

On page 5 Boot movement is 6", on page 13 it's 4".

The movement for Tracked Vehicles is 8", 6" on rough ground. What is the 8" for, on roads of off or on road?
Towed vehicles should have a movement modifier, so that the towing vehicle moves slower.

ChrisBirch said Aug 31, 2014 09:40:59
Thanks for the feedback Christopher!
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