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Zero Point - Three Kings General Discussion

posted Oct 14, 2012 23:30:33 by ChrisBirch
Please post your questions and comments here!
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Corolor said Oct 30, 2012 12:42:05

First i like the idea of a WWII campaign and the book is good.
One thing disturb me. The characters jump in hostile territory without an appointment with local resistance.
It is very strange for me, the PC can not make radio contact with the resistance before ?

How do you explain it in your sessions ?
ChrisBirch said Oct 31, 2012 00:44:16

Alhough Czech born Frantisek Moravec has been in touch with the resistance it's still the early stages of the war, technically Great Britain isn't even at war yet so I think it's easy for the Keeper/GM to state that they've not been able to get in touch with the local resistance and with the tales coming out it's vital they get in there without any further wait
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Corolor said Oct 31, 2012 09:35:51
Thanks for your answer.
Matthew Hayes said Feb 22, 2013 14:54:45
Hi, I've downloaded 3 Kings, very much like what I see and am keen to start up a game as soon as possible.

I wondered, however, if there are any Achtung Cthulhu specific character sheets. I suppose I could use the modern or 1920s sheets from the rule book but it would be nice to have something more period specific.

Ideally I'd like to run the campaign without the players initially being aware that Cthulhu was involved, so it would be good if there were sheets just marked "Zero Point" or something equivalent and not mentioning the big guy at all.

So, any plans for specific or generic character sheets?

ChrisBirch said Feb 22, 2013 14:55:52
Hi we're working on some sheets at the moment - they take a little while to get right but shouldn't be too long
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DarrellImpey said Feb 26, 2013 13:15:52
This post contains info that's Keepers only, I'm going to try to hide it behind a tag, but I can't guarantee it'll work...

[spoiler]Players planning for Episode 4 are bound to ask Angel how he got himself in and then everyone out previously. So, how do people think he did it? Everything looks _very_ secure.[/spoiler]
[Last edited Feb 26, 2013 13:23:41]
DavidMaple said Mar 13, 2013 13:19:36
I was wondering what sort of rank your Savage Worlds characters should be if you are making your own for Three Kings rather than using the pregenerated ones. I couldn't see it listed anywhere in the PDF.
ChrisBirch said Mar 13, 2013 16:58:36
Hi David they can be starting characters but depending how the GM plays the missions you can give them more abilities/ranks if you like and beef up the encounters
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CraigBishell said Mar 25, 2013 05:29:16
About to run the first adventure - using Realms of Cthulhu/Savae Worlds - this weekend, and I was wondering if anyone had ideas for an additional PC (I have 5 players)?
I was thinking some sort of medical doctor at this stage... but I'm open to other suggestions (or ideas from people more experienced with SW about how best to create such a character).

Also Chris, are the other pregen characters starting characters, or do I need to beef an additional pre-gen up a bit (and if I do, what do you suggest)?

Looking forward to finally running this!
ChrisBirch said Mar 26, 2013 22:09:58
Hi yes they're just starting characters but feel free to tweak things if you think the newbie is missing something important
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CraigBishell said Mar 26, 2013 22:25:05
Thanks! I've got a thread on where I'm discussing as well:!-Additional-Savage-Worlds-pre-gen-for-Three-Kings

I did have another question - the background and fonts used for the half-page "character sheets" - are those available anywhere? I'd like to make the 5th character look as similar as possible to the others...
CraigBishell said Mar 27, 2013 23:00:59
Ok, so I managed to grab the background and font names from the PDF, and download the fonts (yay for publisher's using freely available fonts!), and I've produced a nice fancy version in the same format as the original pre-gens.
I've also produced an updated (to SW Deluxe rules and including more actions) AC! themed Combat Survival Guide. These use art which presumably you have copyright on though Chris, so I was wondering if I could get permission to share (as a fan made resource)?
PaulSmith said Apr 02, 2013 10:42:31
Out of curiosity, what were the fonts used?
CraigBishell said Apr 02, 2013 20:18:32
The heading font on the character sheets is "typical writer" (the type writer type one):

The main body text is "Goudy Sans LT Book".

The first definitely has a free licence, but I can't find any licence information on the second so I won't provide a link (the first page of google hits is for freely downloadable versions)...
PaulSmith said Apr 02, 2013 21:23:06
Cool, thanks! I eventually found the license site for Goudy Sans Book; it's on for $19.99, which is quite reasonable for a decent font.
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